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Hamilton family

My wife’s maiden name is Hamilton. So, soon after we were married, it made sense to add the Hamilton family to the list of family names we should research.

We started out ‘cold’ – we really didn’t have anything when we started. We talked to relatives and visited libraries, courthouses and cemeteries. At one point, we decided we had better talk to our kid’s elementary school teachers to tell them why the kids were talking about visiting cemeteries every weekend.

While we researched Hamilton, we also worked on the other surnames associated – Shoemaker and Cannon and some others. Over time, we have collected considerable information on each. We were able to find several generations of Hamiltons at the Locust Grove Cemetery, Locust Grove, Adams Co, Ohio. It is set on a hill overlooking the countryside.

Locust Grove Cemetery, Locus Grove, Adams Co, Ohio

Locust Grove Cemetery, Locus Grove, Adams Co, Ohio

We found my wife’s grandparents headstone (Claude and Anna Rebecca (Cannon) Hamilton) and those of three more generations of Hamiltons.
Hamilton line starting with my wife's father (Paul Glenn Hamilton).

Hamilton line starting with my wife’s father (Paul Glenn Hamilton).

Past William, it gets sketchy. We have found a Thomas Hamilton married to a Nancy Ann (Last name not known) and believe he is William’s father. He was born in Pennsylvania and lived in Leesburg, Ky (now Harrison Co, Ky) at the time of his death.

If you can add to these details, please let us know. We are always looking for more information.

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