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Herald Franklin Stout

As the author of the “Tong, Tonge, Tongue and Allied Families” book, it only seems fitting to feature Rear Admiral Herald Franklin Stout.

Herald was born June 15, 1903 in Dover, Ohio to Franklin Lee Stout and Jemima Mae Tong. Jemima Mae was the daughter of Winfield Scott and Mary Wohlgamuth Tong.

On June 3, 1926, Herald graduated from the Naval Academy and married Louise Frederica Finley in Annapolis, Md. It was the start of an illustrious military career that is well documented on several websites including:

Herald F. Stout, Rear Admiral, Navy

Herald F. Stout, Rear Admiral, Navy

Herald spent a tremendous amount of time working on his genealogical work, researching the TONG, FINLEY, German STOUT and English STOUT families. He published books “The Clan Finley, Vol. I”, “Stout and Allied Families” and “Tong, Tonge, Tongue and Allied Families”.

After his first wife died, Herald married Zoe Anderson in 1976. Zoe is the one that passed all of Herald’s research on to me – so she is partially responsible for the information you see on the website.

In 1994, Rear Admiral Stout was honored by the Navy with the commissioning of the guided missile destroyer USS Stout (DDG 55).



Take some time to read the additional information found on the web site for Herald, including the Forwards he wrote for the Tong book.

And please let me know if you have anything to share!

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