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Wiggins family history – how it started

About the same time as my Mom and I started collecting Tong info (early 70’s), we also started collecting Wiggins family history. My Aunt Cathryn was working on the Wiggins line, and the names associated with it (Montgomery, Aukamp, and Bolander). Everything Mom and I found, we sent on.

Wiggins coat of arms

Wiggins coat of arms

My cousin Steve is also smitten with the genealogy bug. He has collected information for years. Steve is the most amazing researcher there is. He can find accurate information faster than anyone. We have corresponded for years. Although I can’t keep up with his researching prowess, I do my best to capture everything and add it to the website.

After Aunt Cathryn died, her daughter sent me many of her records. More boxes, more scanning of pictures, more info to add to the site.

In researching the Wiggins line, we have uncovered connections to a number of other surnames. Here are just a few.

There are many others. Over time, I will try to highlight some in later blog entries.

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