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Hamilton DNA Test

Sue has received her DNA test results as well. The great thing about this test is that it works for everyone. In year’s past, the most popular of the DNA test was one that only looked at markers on the Y Chromosome – so it was only for males.

There are some similarities between our results but certainly some things that are different. Here is the Ethnicity Estimate – to show where Sue’s ancestors are from.


The first thing to notice is the significantly lower % for Great Britain than my results – 39% compared to 67%. The 34% West Europe is a bit of a surprise. We have traced the Shoemaker line to Germany but obviously, there is more to learn.

I didn’t expect 15% Ireland. But, Sue has uncovered some information lately that shows that her Dunn and Long lines trace back to Ireland. And we knew the Kirk line was from Ireland.

And finally, 3% for the Iberian Peninsula – I had to look this one up. It is Spain and Portugal.

Here is a map that highlights the areas described by the Ethnicity Estimate.


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