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Tong DNA Test

A while back, I submitted a DNA sample to Ancestry for testing and inclusion in their database. I have to admit that some of the science is a bit hard to understand. Ancestry has a good page of information here if you would like to learn about it.

I thought I would share a summary of my DNA results. I find it pretty fascinating. First, here is what they call the Ethnicity Estimate – to show where my ancestors are from.


I am not too surprised by the high % from England. We have been able to trace several of my lines to England even though we don’t always know the exact ancestor. “13% Scandinavia” is a bit surprising. But, apparently there were many people (Vikings and Danes) that migrated from Scandinavia that moved to England starting about 800AD. Here is a map I found that illustrates the Scandinavian influence on England.

The West Europe connection makes sense. We have traced several lines back to Germany including the Aukamps, Becks, and Bolanders.

Here is a map that highlights the areas described by the Ethnicity Estimate.


In addition to giving this information, Ancestry compares my DNA with everyone else that maintains a tree on their site and provides information on possible matches. So, this gives us yet another way to discover family connections.

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