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Crawfords from Brown Co, Ohio

My Mother-in-law’s maiden name is Crawford. So, it was only natural to start collecting information on the Crawford family name.

The first generation was easy. William Leo Crawford (1892 – 1966). William married Anna Edith Kirk and they had 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls). They lived in Washington Twp, Brown Co, Ohio, not far from Sardinia. William was a farmer. He and Anna Edith are buried in the Sardinia Cemetery.

Brown County, Ohio

Brown County, Ohio

William’s parents were James Crawford and Carrie M Day. James was born in 1865 and died in 1911. He too was a farmer. Census records show they lived in Pleasant Twp and Washington Twp, Brown Co. They had 10 children, but two died in infancy. They are buried at Pisgah Ridge Cemetery, not far from Ripley, Ohio.

Back further, we find William H. Crawford (I don’t think we every found out what the ‘H’ stood for). He was a farmer in Union Twp, Brown Co. He had four different wives and five children.

His parents were John Crawford and Susan Jane McNary. They were born in Kentucky, getting married in Mason Co, Kentucky in 1823. By 1850, they were farming in Union Twp, Brown Co. They had 11 children, 5 boys and 6 girls.

One more generation back, we found Joshua Crawford and his wife Mary. We don’t know much about them but they are buried in the back of Old Red oak Cemetery in Union Twp, Brown Co. John and Susan are buried near the front as is William H and 3 of his 4 wives.

Old Red oak Cemetery, Union Twp, Brown Co, Ohio

Old Red oak Cemetery, Union Twp, Brown Co, Ohio

So, in all, there were five generations of Crawfords in Brown Co, Ohio with three generations found in the same cemetery.

Crawford generations in Brown County, Ohio

Crawford generations in Brown County, Ohio

If anyone has more information on these families, especially Joshua and Mary, please leave a comment. We are always looking for more. We have more to share on the Crawfords, as well. We have them traced back further generations and we have uncovered some interesting stories. But, that will wait for a later post.

Happy hunting!

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