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February, 2014

George Washington Tong (1808 – 1879)

My great, great, grandfather was George Washington Tong. He was born on 12 Dec, 1808 in Lancaster, Fairfield Co, Ohio to William H. Tong and his wife Rebecca (Watson) Tong. As of 1832, he was a canal boat captain. He married Isabel Crawford, also from Fairfield Co, Ohio on 13 Nov, 1834. Soon after they […]

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It was a jungle!

Back in the early 1990’s, we were hot on the trail of several generations of Crawfords. We had found information that several Crawfords were buried in a ‘Red Oak’ cemetery somewhere in Brown Co, Ohio. We found Charter Oak-Aberdeen Cemetery in Huntington Twp, Brown Co, but found no Crawfords. We found Red Oak Churchyard-Presbyterian Cemetery […]

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Henry Hamilton Wiggins and Kathryn (Aukamp) Wiggins

One of my great grandparents on my mother’s side was Henry Hamilton Wiggins and Kathryn Louisa (Aukamp) Wiggins. Henry was born on 18 Sept 1855 in New Providence, Lancaster, Pennsylvania as the youngest of 14 children to Stephen H and Elizabeth (Bowman) Wiggins. It appears that he remained in this same area all his life […]

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The most unique headstones ever

Over the years of gathering information, we have visited a lot of cemeteries. And have looked at a bunch of headstones posted on These stones are the most unique we have seen. They sort of remind me of the coffins you see with Egyptian mummies. Kinda creepy, actually. These stones belong to Issac B […]

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Nancy (Tong) Lanius (1813 – 1884)

Nancy was born on 2 Aug 1814 as the first of 11 children to Theodore Ford Tong and Drusilla Robinson. Theodore was one of the 26 children of William Tong. Nancy was born in Madison Co, Missouri. She married Rev Jacob Lanius and together they had 8 children. Nancy died on 19 May 1884 in […]

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Your name is Tong?

I get asked about our last name a lot and in all sorts of ways. How do you spell your last name? Where did it come from? You don’t look like a Tong. Where did your family come from? One of the most creative was when my wife (who used to teach school) was asked […]


Births, deaths and anniversaries – Feb 13

Birthdays Mary HAMBLETON – 1774 Elizabeth Stephenson – 1776 Esther T KIRK – 1818 Jonas FENSTERMAKER – 1826 Hiram Tong COUNTS – 1842 Charles Milo MONTGOMERY – 1844 Mary Elizabeth SMITH – 1846 William P Haines – 1862 Ida Jane (Jennie) SPRAY – 1863 Jemima Mae TONG – 1884 Deaths Louisa SCHLEICH – 1856 Mary […]

Mary Jane Day (1840 – 1902)

We have been working on the Day family name for many years as part of the work on my wife’s side of the family. Her grandfather’s (William Leo Crawford) mother was a Day (Carrie Day). We have traced back a number of generations, but have not been as successful as we would like with Mary […]

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Births, deaths and anniversaries for Feb 12

Birthdays Joseph Shoemaker – 1762 Daniel BECK – 1815 Louisa Herdman – 1838 Asenath Gresham – 1864 Netta BOLANDER – 1878 Wilbert Chester TONG – 1919 Deaths Francis Broomfield – 1864 Joseph Cannon – 1879 Mary Almeda Newman – 1922 Effie Alice Jackson – 1953 Calvin TONG – 2009 Anniversaries Vincent King & Mary Brown […]

William Henry Bolander (1844 – 1911)

This week’s feature is William Henry Bolander. William was my great, great grandfather on my mother’s side. He was born in Biglick Twp, Hancock Co, Ohio on 13 Mar 1844 to Henry Bolander and Elizabeth Renschler. William served in the Civil War. He enlisted in 1861 at an age of 17. He was engaged in […]

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