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January, 2014

William Tong(ue) (1756 – 1848)

William Tong(ue) was not the first Tong in America, but he can be credited with propagating the Tong name. Depending on the records you find, William had between 26 to 28 children with two different wives (Ellen Ford and Elizabeth Thomas). In his autobiography, William says 26, 13 from each wife. With his first wife, […]

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Hamilton family

My wife’s maiden name is Hamilton. So, soon after we were married, it made sense to add the Hamilton family to the list of family names we should research. We started out ‘cold’ – we really didn’t have anything when we started. We talked to relatives and visited libraries, courthouses and cemeteries. At one point, […]

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Herald Franklin Stout

As the author of the “Tong, Tonge, Tongue and Allied Families” book, it only seems fitting to feature Rear Admiral Herald Franklin Stout. Herald was born June 15, 1903 in Dover, Ohio to Franklin Lee Stout and Jemima Mae Tong. Jemima Mae was the daughter of Winfield Scott and Mary Wohlgamuth Tong. On June 3, […]

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Wiggins family history – how it started

About the same time as my Mom and I started collecting Tong info (early 70’s), we also started collecting Wiggins family history. My Aunt Cathryn was working on the Wiggins line, and the names associated with it (Montgomery, Aukamp, and Bolander). Everything Mom and I found, we sent on. My cousin Steve is also smitten […]

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How it started with the Tong family history

During the early 70’s (that is 1970’s), my Mom started helping Helen Tong collect information about the Tongs around Findlay, Ohio. I went with her a few times as she visited local cemeteries, the public library and the county courthouse. And I was hooked! There were plenty of Tongs to find around Findlay and even […]

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Welcome to Tong blog | bits of history from our families. We will focus on stories, photos, documents and new information that we post on our website, Tong family history. Obviously, we have collected info on the Tong surname. As you can see from the screen capture from the web site, we have also worked […]

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