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Hamilton DNA Test

Sue has received her DNA test results as well. The great thing about this test is that it works for everyone. In year’s past, the most popular of the DNA test was one that only looked at markers on the Y Chromosome – so it was only for males. There are some similarities between our […]

George Washington Tong (1808 – 1879)

My great, great, grandfather was George Washington Tong. He was born on 12 Dec, 1808 in Lancaster, Fairfield Co, Ohio to William H. Tong and his wife Rebecca (Watson) Tong. As of 1832, he was a canal boat captain. He married Isabel Crawford, also from Fairfield Co, Ohio on 13 Nov, 1834. Soon after they […]

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It was a jungle!

Back in the early 1990’s, we were hot on the trail of several generations of Crawfords. We had found information that several Crawfords were buried in a ‘Red Oak’ cemetery somewhere in Brown Co, Ohio. We found Charter Oak-Aberdeen Cemetery in Huntington Twp, Brown Co, but found no Crawfords. We found Red Oak Churchyard-Presbyterian Cemetery […]

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Births, deaths and anniversaries – Feb 13

Birthdays Mary HAMBLETON – 1774 Elizabeth Stephenson – 1776 Esther T KIRK – 1818 Jonas FENSTERMAKER – 1826 Hiram Tong COUNTS – 1842 Charles Milo MONTGOMERY – 1844 Mary Elizabeth SMITH – 1846 William P Haines – 1862 Ida Jane (Jennie) SPRAY – 1863 Jemima Mae TONG – 1884 Deaths Louisa SCHLEICH – 1856 Mary […]

Mary Jane Day (1840 – 1902)

We have been working on the Day family name for many years as part of the work on my wife’s side of the family. Her grandfather’s (William Leo Crawford) mother was a Day (Carrie Day). We have traced back a number of generations, but have not been as successful as we would like with Mary […]

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Crawfords from Brown Co, Ohio

My Mother-in-law’s maiden name is Crawford. So, it was only natural to start collecting information on the Crawford family name. The first generation was easy. William Leo Crawford (1892 – 1966). William married Anna Edith Kirk and they had 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls). They lived in Washington Twp, Brown Co, Ohio, not […]

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