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Bits of history from our familes


Hamilton DNA Test

Sue has received her DNA test results as well. The great thing about this test is that it works for everyone. In year’s past, the most popular of the DNA test was one that only looked at markers on the Y Chromosome – so it was only for males. There are some similarities between our […]

The most unique headstones ever

Over the years of gathering information, we have visited a lot of cemeteries. And have looked at a bunch of headstones posted on These stones are the most unique we have seen. They sort of remind me of the coffins you see with Egyptian mummies. Kinda creepy, actually. These stones belong to Issac B […]

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Births, deaths and anniversaries for Feb 12

Birthdays Joseph Shoemaker – 1762 Daniel BECK – 1815 Louisa Herdman – 1838 Asenath Gresham – 1864 Netta BOLANDER – 1878 Wilbert Chester TONG – 1919 Deaths Francis Broomfield – 1864 Joseph Cannon – 1879 Mary Almeda Newman – 1922 Effie Alice Jackson – 1953 Calvin TONG – 2009 Anniversaries Vincent King & Mary Brown […]